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GoodSAM is the world's most advanced emergency alerting and dispatching platform. GoodSAM is set up to work with ambulance and pre-hospital services to enable qualified bystanders to provide life saving care in emergencies. The app enables those with a Royal Life Saving First Aid certificate to register on the app and help the community. GoodSAM is also the world's largest public AED Registry, and have also launched the world’s first mobile AED tracking system.

The app allows alerters to dial the emergency services, and at the same time notify nearby qualified responders (including those with a First Aid certificate) of a medical emergency. By alerting responders of an emergency, GoodSAM connects those in need with those who have the skills to provide critical help before the emergency services arrive.

Royal Life Saving Queensland is the first Queensland organisation to register with GoodSAM. Holders of a current Royal Life Saving Queensland First Aid certificate are able to register as a responder on the app.

Please consider downloading the app and registering as an Alerter or Responder. Click here for more information.

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Alcohol and Drowning

Download our latest research information here.
New research reveals about as many as one‐in‐six people who swim in rivers is under the influence of alcohol. A study conducted by RLSS and James Cook University surveyed locals and tourists at four river locations (one in Queensland). Researchers used a breathalyser to gauge if people were swimming under the influence of alcohol. A total of 684 people were surveyed and breathalysed across 16 days at the four research sites. Amy Peden (National Manager of Research and Policy) said the study found 16 percent (1 in 6) of swimmers recorded a positive blood alcohol content (BAC) and seven percent were over the legal driving limit.

Media Release - One in Six.
In the past decade, 1,995 men have drowned. Men are four times more likely to drown than women, with males accounting for 80% of all drowning deaths. A culture of risk taking behaviour among men can be dangerous around water, and when combined with alcohol and/or drugs it is often fatal.

Almost a quarter (24%) of male drowning deaths involved alcohol alone. Of the men who had been drinking and subsequently drowned, 67% would have failed a random breath test with a recorded a blood alcohol content above 0.05%.

Tips For Looking Out For Your Mates:

  1. Stand up to your mates if they suggest swimming or taking out a boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol. "Woah, easy there. Where do you think you're going? Not in your state mate."
  2. Suggest alternative activities away from the water when under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  3. Challenge your mates to a round of ping pong, watch your favourite sport on the tele, or take a good ol' nap.
  4. Enjoying the water before any drugs alcohol consumed
  5. Not leaving them alone if they’re under the influence around water


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Swim & Survive

Is your school registered for the Swim and Survive program? Did you know the Swim and Survive program is essentially free of charge?

We provide partners free lesson plans, certificates and support to deliver the swim and survive program. Your school can register to deliver the swim and survive program here. You can also get free resources here.

Swim and Survive FREE workshops

You can register for the workshop or express interest in future workshops here.

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Have more questions, why not contact us.

The Swim and Survive Program is proudly supported by the Queensland State Government

Drowning in Queensland

During the 2016/2017 year, 73 people drowned in Queensland waterways. The breakdown of these drownings are show in the graph below.

The 2016/17 result is an increase of 5 death (7%) on the ten year average of 68 deaths. Of the people that drowned, 68% were male.

  • 13 drownings occurred in the agre group under 5 years (about half of these were in backyard pools)
  • 3 drownings occurred in the age group 5 to 9 years
  • No drownings occurred the age group 10 to 17 years
  • 6 drownings occurred in the age group 18 to 25 years
  • 19 drownings occurred in the age group 25 to 45 years
  • 32 drowning occurred in the agre groups 45 years and over

How can you help reduce drowning?

  • In the under 10 years age group:
    • Constant active adult supervision. In almost all drownings in this age group, active adult supervision had lapsed or was entirely lacking
    • Fence the pool and any waterway around children
    • Teach kids water safety and how to swim & survive

    Swimming and survival lessons are an important part of the strategy to prevent drowning, but not the single solution. Royal Life Saving has a fantastic Swim & Survive program (also called Love-2-Swim) which is provided free of charge to registered providers in Queensland. More information can be obtained at this link here

  • In the over 14 years age group, teach kids and adults how to swim, survive and rescue. We recommend a Bronze Medallion Course which teaches swimming, waters safety and general rescue skills. You can enquire or enrol in a Bronze Medallion course now, click here to enquire.
National Drowning Report 2017
National Drowning Report 2017, Queensland Extract



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Thursday 2/8/2018 & Friday 3/8/2018
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