Royal Life Saving offers a number of lifesaving programs and awards that are offered through schools, pools and community groups.

To be able to deliver any of our Recreational Training and order resources, you will need to become a Facilitator with Royal Life Saving; CLICK HERE to find out how.

Rescue and Bronze Awards

The central component of Royal Life Saving’s lifesaving awards is the Bronze Medallion which has been operating for over 100 years with many Australians undertaking the program since commencement. The Bronze Medallion is considered the pinnacle of the awards in the community.

Lifesaving skills learnt and developed through these programs are highly regarded in the community and may even lead to or enhance the chances of starting a career.

There are six main awards within the Rescue and Bronze strands before you can progress to advanced lifesaving awards:

  • Dry Rescue
  • Wade Rescue
  • Accompanied Rescue
  • Bronze Star
  • Bronze Medallion
  • Bronze Cross

Royal Life Saving also offers a non-accredited Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid awareness awards alongside the Rescue and Bronze Awards.

School Programs

Royal Life Saving has created and designed school based programs for students of various ages and abilities, ranging from pre-school to secondary school, with options for classroom only or a combination of classroom and water activities. These programs are designed to teach students a range of water safety knowledge and provide them with awareness of emergency situations and personal help techniques.

Grey Medallion

The Grey Medallion is a water safety and lifesaving skills program aimed at older adults, focused on reducing the drowning rates and encouraging a healthy, independent and active lifestyle.

The program teaches participants a range of personal survival techniques, provides them with skills to deal with an emergency situation and develops confidence and competence to enjoy aquatic exercise and other water-based activities safely.

Junior Lifeguard

The Junior Lifeguard Program offers a unique aquatic alternative for those who love the water, who want to be challenged and who want more than just swimming lessons. The program provides opportunities for children to keep interested and active in aquatics, especially quick learners and those caught between levels and programs. The program is suitable to be run by Swimming Schools, Public and Private Swimming Pools, Clubs, Schools, or any youth group as a one-off, or ongoing activity.

The Society provides coaching resources (coaching manual, lesson plans, etc.) and children undertake the Swim and Survive series of qualifications, with a pathway into pool life saving sport and competition.