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Royal Life Saving is focused on reducing drowning and promoting healthy, active and skilled communities through innovative, reliable, evidence based advocacy; strong and effective partnerships and quality programs, products and services. There is no one reason Australians drown, so there is no one simple solution. For that reason, our approach needs to reflect the complexity of the range of issues that result in drowning deaths.

For over 125 years the Royal Life Saving Society has worked to harness the strengths of the communities we work with to reduce drowning and turn everyday people into everyday community lifesavers.

We do this by:

  • Advocacy and awareness-raising
  • Education
  • Training
  • Health Promotion
  • Aquatic Risk Management
  • Community Development
  • Research
  • Media and Marketing
  • Sport, Leadership and Participation
  • International partnerships.

Royal Life Saving Society Queensland Inc

Royal Life Saving Society Queensland Inc was founded in 1905 and is the first life saving society in Queensland. We are the peak body for drowning prevention and aquatic safety in Queensland, working very closely with our partner organisations.

Registered Training Organisation

Royal Life Saving is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO #5431), view our registration status here.

Our Organisation

Royal Life Saving Society Queensland Inc is a public benevolent institution (PBI) and is a Incorporated Association. The Society was originally established under charter from the UK, however in the 1980’s registered as an incorporated association.

Commonwealth Organisation

The Royal Life Saving Society is a world-wide organisation with representation across the globe. The role of the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth Headquarters is to take a leadership and partnership role in co-ordinating drowning prevention initiatives and activities world-wide by facilitating the development of community based drowning prevention strategies and lifesaving education programs across the Commonwealth nations.

Click here for more information on the Commonwealth Society

Commonwealth Patron (former)

His Majesty King Charles III is the Commonwealth Patron of the Society.

Commonwealth President

His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent GCVO is the Commonwealth President of the Society.

Australian Branch

His Excellency General David John Hurley, AC, DSC, FTSE

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Queensland Branch

The Queensland Branch is responsible for the activities of the Society within the state of Queensland.

Queensland Patron

Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young AC PSM
Governor of Queensland
is Patron of the Queensland Branch.

Government House

Board Members

The Board of Queensland Branch is the governing body of the Society’s operations within the State of Queensland. The members of the Society elect its directors who serve two years in office. The current board is:

  • President – Ms Nicky Sloan
  • Deputy President – Mr Brad Page
  • Secretary – Mr Luke Daly
  • Treasurer – Mr Colin Harris
  • Board Member – Mr James McClelland
  • Board Member – Mr Michael Darben
  • Board Member – Ms Heather Grundy
  • Executive Director – Mr Paul Barry

Annual Reports

Life Members

  • Mr Michael Darben
  • Mr Paul Barry
  • Mrs Carolyn Asher
  • Dr Shayne Baker OAM
  • Dr Gerald Brameld OAM
  • Mrs Ann Brett OAM
  • Mrs June Cotter
  • Ms Sheena Dyson
  • Mr Russell Green
  • Mr Stephen Kay
  • Mr James McClelland BM OAM
  • Mr John McClelland AM
  • Dr Gerard Meijer OAM
  • Mr Les Mole
  • Mrs Sue Mole
  • Em. Prof John Pearn AO RFD
  • Ms Gwen Welford BEM
  • Mr Rod Welford
  • Mr Ross Williams

Life Members (Deceased)

  • 1912-13 DB McCullough, Maurice J Barry
  • 1916-17 Sir Hamilton Goold-Adam
  • 1922-23 P Wainwright
  • 1922-23 WM Whalley, Col D Cameron
  • 1923-24 FO Venning. E Duncalfe
  • 1923-24 W Bishop, HC Rasey, Dr WJ Fearnley, W Stafford
  • 1924-25 J Daley, Sir Mathew Nathan, MJ Kirway
  • 1926-27 JC Deeney, Major J Murray, Mrs Strutton
  • 1928-29 Pat Scanlon
  • 1929-30 Jules Moxon, JJ Betts
  • 1931-32 Dr Graham Brown, FW DeLittle, Dr J Lockhardt Gibson
  • 1935-36 R Alyton, Sir Leslie Orme Wilson
  • 1945-46 W Soden, Miss J Grigson, R Didben, EJ Portley,
  • DM Grigson, Mrs ME Grigson, AE Gibson
  • 1952-53 MJ Griffiths
  • 1953-54 TH Ayles
  • 1959-60 RS Worford, G Jones, J Venning
  • 1961-62 JP Earner
  • 1974-75 Mrs J Gowling
  • 1977-78 LG Kerr
  • 1979-80 F Clifford, Mrs P Wells
  • 1983-84 KF Bacon
  • 1984-85 JR Spender OBE
  • 1987-88 Bruce Campbell AM MBE

Reconciliation Action Plan

Royal Life Saving Society – Australia is proud to launch its first Reconciliation Action Plan, taking the challenge to learn, listen and commit to reconciliation with our First Nations people.

First Nations Art Work

Ayla Costello, Wanya Yara Bin Yara Bijara

Learn more about our First Nations Art Work, Wanya Yara Bin Yara Bijara.