Do you want to be a RLSS Trainer?

About RLSS Training

Royal Life Saving Queensland is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 5431) and also a peak body for water safety. We created the Pool Lifeguard training course in Australia and are the largest training organisation in Australia for lifeguard training.

As a new trainer looking to make an impact and reach a broader audience, registering with us provides you access to the leading aquatic industry training.

Join us and let's embark on this journey together, transforming lives and shaping futures one course at a time.

Whether you are a business wishing to deliver training in-house, a school wishing to deliver VET training to students, a community group wishing to deliver VET training, or an individual wanting to run your own training business, one of our delivery models might suit you.

Two options to be a Trainer, what's the difference?

We have two type of trainers; a Trainer, and a Third Party:

The Steps to become a Trainer

Step 1) Complete a trainer application ⇣

The Process

When you apply, you will need to:

  1. Complete a trainer application form (Download here)
  2. Provide a resume and two industry referees
  3. Provide us with suitable identification & Blue Card to link to us (or Working with Children clearance)
  4. Provide a copy of your training qualifications (i.e. TAE40122 or equivalent)

A trainer needs to be a member of the society, and will need to complete a membership application form:

Third Party's

If you desire to be a Third Party, you will also need to provide details about your business including:
a) Your ABN
b) Your business logo
c) A copy of your business insurance
d) Details about your business

What we will do

We will:

  1. Contact you by phone to discuss your application and explain the process
  2. Review your application
  3. Check with your referees
  4. Verify your qualifications

After we have completed the above checks, we will let you know to proceed to step 2 (book into a course).

Trainers Agreement

After you have been approved to be a trainer, and before you commence training, you will need to sign a trainers agreement.

Note: If you wish to be a third party, you will also have to sign a third party agreement

Step 2) Complete a course with us ⇣

Just book into one of our courses conducted at our head office (search for a course here) and complete the course.

Please let the training supervisor know which course you are booked in to, so they can greet you on the day.

The training supervisor will be provided with a copy of the Trainer & Assessor Guide (TAG) for the course, so you can start understanding how its delivered.

You will also need to sign a training agreement. the training agreement contain the terms and conditions of training, and also includes:

Third Party Trainers

  • Third Party Trainers often use a service company (a Pty Ltd company) to operate. The service company is a separate legal entity to the trainer (who is an individual)
  • The service company will be the business that will purchase training packs from us and charge students fees
  • The trainer will still need to sign the trainers agreement
  • The service company will need to sign a Third Party Agreement, which is very similar to the trainers agreement.

Step 3) Demonstrate you can deliver a course ⇣

You will need to:

  • Arrange with our training supervisor a suitable course that you can demonstrate your training and assessment skills. You will need to be able to deliver courses according to our standards which are outlined in the Trainer & Assessor Guide (TAG) and course materials.
  • The training supervisor will contact you prior to the course and go over the Trainer and Assessor Guide (TAG) with you; additionally they will also provide you copies of powerpoint slides and other materials for the course.

If you are not at the delivery standard (or need more time to get to the delivery standard), the training supervisor will go over with you the things you will need to work on, and arrange a suitable time for you to have another attempt at delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

⇣ What does it cost to become a Trainer ? ⇣

Our standard fee for applying to be a trainer is $200.00 (incl. GST).

You will need to purchase a range of training equipment (e.g. manikins, first aid kits, etc) for you to use. This can cost between $500 to $4,000 depending on the courses you will be delivering. These can be purchased from us, or any other equipment supplier.

The training agreements contains a list of mandatory equipment needed for each course.

⇣ Will I be paid during accreditation ? ⇣

No, as a contractor or Third Party, you will not be paid by Royal Life Saving for your trainer accreditation. If you are employed by a School or other business, you might be paid by them (this is a discussion you will need to have with your employer.)

⇣ Will you train me to be a Trainer ? ⇣

You will need to obtain your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment before coming to us, but we can help you getting it, you will need to contact us to seek assistance.

You can also sit in our courses to help you become a trainer and practice your skills.

⇣ Do I need insurance ? ⇣

We do not hold insurance for you for things such as:
- WorkCover Insurance
- Income protection insurance
- Injury or personal liability
- Vehicle insurance

If you work for another organisation whilst training, that organisation will most likely be responsible for insurance coverage.

If you are concerned about insurance, we suggest you speak with an insurance broker.

⇣ What about an online webpage ? ⇣

Yes, we can. We generally do not charge for this. Please contact us to arrange this.

⇣ How do I get paid ? ⇣

Once you complete the course, you will need to send all workbook back to us with an Assessment Report Form.

We will then issue all certificates to students.

Trainers will then be paid the difference between the student fees collected, and the costs of the materials.

Third Party trainers collect fees directly from students, and purchase packs from us.

⇣ How long does it take ? ⇣

It will take us a few days to review your application. You will then need to book in and complete a course, then demonstrate that you can deliver a course to our standard. Once you have done this, you we will be able to start delivering training.

⇣ What qualification do I need ? ⇣

You will need:

1) To meet the trainer requirements of the RTO standards which includes:
a) TAE 40166 or TAE40122 (or higher)
b) A Teacher with skillset TAESS00011, TAESS00019, or TAESS00024

2) The qualification being delivered (e.g. First Aid, Pool Lifeguard, etc)

3) To demonstrate suitable capability to deliver the course

4) For the following courses:
- Swim Teacher - Two years experience
- Pool Lifeguard - Two years experience
- Aqua Fitness Instructor - Two years experience

⇣ What are the ongoing fees ? ⇣

We charge an annual registration fee of $100.00 (incl. GST). You will also need to be a member (not required for third part trainers), which incurs a membership fee which of $44.00.

We do not charge other monthly fees, but we do charge:
- Fees for courses/materials (course fees, etc) when you do a course
- Fees to attend workshops
- Fees for courses you complete with us

⇣ What course can I deliver ? ⇣

Generally speaking, any courses that we have on scope and that we have materials for, providing you have the qualifications and experience for that course.

⇣ Am I locked in? ⇣

No, you can leave at any time. There are no exit costs (likewise, there is nothing to refund if you leave). Just send us an email that you are cancelling you training arrangement with us.

⇣ Do I need to attend workshops ? ⇣

Yes, we have one compulsory workshop each year (usually around August), and a number of other workshops each year.

As a trainer, you need to maintain a Professional Development (PD) register which includes:

  • VET professional development, and
  • Industry professional development

Every year, we will ask you to forward your PD as part of your trainer renewal.

School Teachers

⇣ What's different for teachers ? ⇣

There are some different processed for teachers, that make it easier.

  • You might not need a Cert IV TAE 40166/40122, you may just need to obtain the skillset TAESS00011, TAESS00019, or TAESS00024
  • We set up your courses so that students can register without paying
  • Your deliver the training and assessment
  • We invoice your school for the wholesale costs of each course
  • We do generally not require your school to register as a third party

⇣ How do we get charged ? ⇣

We invoice your school for the cost of the course (wholesale cost, not retail price) for actual enrolments.

Questions relating to Third Parties

⇣ What's different with a Third Party ? ⇣

Most trainers that become a Third Party Trainer are generally operating a small business delivering training, using our training products.

Features of a Third Party
- Running a business delivering training
- Have higher volume course delivery
- You charge clients directly and purchase course materials (packs) from us

⇣ What agreements will I need to sign ? ⇣

The individuals who are your trainers, will need to sign the trainers agreement.

The third party company, will need to sign a third party agreement.

The two agreements are very similar, however one is in the context of an individual working as a trainer, the second is the terms that apply to the third party training company (the business which purchases packs and charges fees to students).

⇣ What about an online webpage ? ⇣

Yes, we can. We generally do not charge for this. Please contact us to arrange this.

⇣ Do I need to be a member ? ⇣


Third party's are not required to be a member of Royal Life Saving. Third party's have a commercial agreement to deliver training, and the terms of the agreement can conflicting with membership.

Still have Questions?

Please ring us during normal business hours on (07) 3823 2823, and ask to speak with the training supervisor.