ANZCOR First Aid Guidelines

Royal Life Saving Queensland is a member of the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). As trainers will recall, at the trainers workshops we have been discussing the recently updated ANZCOR guidelines.

The ARC have now released new guidelines for First Aid, which includes:

  • ANZCOR Guideline 9.1.1 – First Aid for Management of Bleeding
  • ANZCOR Guideline 9.1.5 – First Aid Management of Harness Suspension Trauma 
  • ANZCOR Guideline 9.2.1 – Recognition and First Aid Management of Suspected Heart Attack
  • ANZCOR Guideline 9.2.2  – Stroke
  • ANZCOR Guideline 9.2.9 – First Aid Management of a Diabetic Emergency  
  • ANZCOR Guideline 9.2.10 – The Use of Oxygen in Emergencies
  • ANZCOR Guideline 9.2.12 (new) – Recognition & First Aid Management of the Seriously Ill Person Including Sepsis
  • ANZCOR Guideline 9.3.5 – Resuscitation and First Aid for Divers who have Breathed Compressed Gas
  • ANZCOR Guideline 9.4.1 – Snake Bite
  • ANZCOR Guideline 9.4.2 – Spider Bite
  • ANZCOR Guideline 9.5.1 – First Aid Management of Poisoning
  • ANZCOR Guideline 9.5.2 (new) – First Aid Management of Opioid overdose

You can view the above guideline at this link. The ARC have also released a summary of the changes which can be viewed at this link. You can can also look at the recently released changes for BLS CPR (which we circulated last week) at this link


The ARC have created a web page for Fact Sheet, with the first fact sheet being:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.