Royal Life Saving Queensland announces latest partnership with Australian brand, Bakslap

Keeping Queenslanders safe under the sun and in, on and around the water.

At Royal Life Saving Queensland we are persistently seeking strong and effective partnerships to ensure that our mission to reducing drowning and promoting healthy, active and skilled communities is reaching each and every Queenslander. For this reason, we are very pleased to announce our new partnership with Bakslap.

Bakslap is focused on Australian's enjoying the outdoors and sunshine responsibly through education, sun safety awareness and the use of the bakslap lotion applicator. This invention was not only to provide a practical tool but it was also to be a conversation starter, something new to get people talking about safety.

We are a water-loving nation, and it’s part of who we are. From looking forward to sun-filled days with our loved ones at rivers, swimming pools, harbours, and beaches, it’s essential that young Australians have the necessary knowledge of the dangers and associated risks of aquatic environments so they can enjoy the water and sunshine responsibly.

This partnership will provide a holistic approach to sun and water safety and will assist us in reaching younger generations across Queensland. With the support of Bakslap, we will be able to find new ways to educate and create awareness on safety - under the sun and in and around the water.

“We are delighted that this partnership will allow us to collaborate with new initiatives as they are a key part of our messaging. It’s not just about Sun or Water safety but being safe in and around the water and that includes looking after ourselves, our friends and families when in the sun." - Nikki Thornhill, Royal Life Saving Queensland State Manager.

You can read the full Media Release here.
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