RLSSQ | QFES 10-Year Partnership

Enduring partnership between RLSSQ and QFES

RLSSQ was recently honoured to attend the QFES Partnership Celebration event, celebrating a 10-year partnership with QFES (now transitioning to QPS). Along with PCYC and Surf Life Saving Queensland, RLSSQ was presented with Challenge Coins to celebrate the decade-long relationship.

Challenge coins are emblematic tokens deeply rooted in military tradition, recognised for their significance and camaraderie. Originating from World War 1, these coins were initially used to identify soldiers from different units. Over time, challenge coins evolved into symbols of unity, belonging, and shared experiences among military personnel.

The coins are typically presented to members for exceptional service, or achievements, or as tokens of appreciation and serve as symbols of honour, loyalty, and mutual respect. The tradition of carrying and exchanging challenge coins fosters bonds among individuals, fostering a sense of belonging and pride in shared endeavours.

In this spirit, the decade-long partnership between QFES and RLSSQ has delivered significant services to the Queensland community in water safety and community programs. QFES-funded RLSSQ programs have helped target some of Queensland's most marginal communities including Indigenous, disability and migrant groups - delivering water safety and Learn to Swim programs to prevent drowning.

QFES has also provided funding for the valuable work of our volunteers who conduct patrols and water safety programs for RLSSQ-patrolled beaches. RLSSQ extends it's sincere gratitude and recognition to QFES for it's continued support and contribution to our mission to prevent fatal drowning in Queensland.

Here's to another decade of a great partnership in the future.