Position Statement: Pool Operator Training

Royal Life Saving has released a Position Statement in respect to the qualifications required when operating a commercial aquatic facility. This statement is a result of the release of Queensland Health’s water quality guidelines for public aquatic facilities (dated December 2019). The purpose of the guideline is to reduce risk to public health and the focus is on water quality associated risks .

Our Position

In accordance with Queensland Health’s water quality guidelines (P42) for public aquatic facilities our position is that all staff who operate aquatic facilities undergo appropriate training for the risk level of the facility.

The minimum standard for aquatic facilities is for staff to undertake a short course in Pool Plant Operations which includes the following units of competence:

  • SISCAQU001 Test Pool Water Quality
  • SISCAQU003 Maintain Aquatic Facility Plant and Equipment
  • SISCAQU004 Develop and Implement Pool Water Maintenance Procedures
  • SISCAQU005 Develop and Implement Aquatic Maintenance Procedures
  • BSBRSK401 Identify Risk and Apply Risk Management Processes

High Risk Facilities

Our position is that staff working in high risk facilities responsible for water quality complete a Cert IV in Swimming Pool & Spa Service (CPP41319) by 31 December 2020. High risk facilities are defined as:

  • Learn-to-swim pools
  • Shallow-depth interactive play pools
  • Artificial lagoons with unrestricted access
  • Interactive water features
  • Water slides
  • Pools used by incontinent people
  • Wading pools
  • Program pools
  • Spas