WorkSafe Queensland Alert – Safety at Swimming Pools

Worksafe Queensland has issued an alert that covers a range of issues surrounding safety at swimming pools.

We would like to remind pool operators that they should manage health and safety risks by:

  • Conducting an aquatic supervision risk assessment
  • Preparing a supervision plan
  • Providing trained pool lifeguards, pool supervisors and first aid officers
  • Ensuring young people or people with limited swimming competency such as children are accompanied by adults who need to supervise them
  • Ensuring children under five years of age are constantly supervised by an appropriate parent/guardian who is prepared to swim (adequate supervision means the parent/guardian must accompany the child in the water and always remain within arm’s reach)
  • Ensuring children under ten years of age are constantly accompanied by an adult while in the aquatic area
  • Ensure unsupervised children under five years of age are removed from the water and placed in a safe area until collected by the parent/guardian
  • Ensuring an unsupervised child of poor swimming ability, regardless of age, is removed from the water by a staff member

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